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Floating Shack Sessions are musical experiences navigating through your city. We capture them for you and then transform those adventures into a digital format.


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Unsere Artists


André Sampaio

With a unique language on the Brazilian guitar, André Sampaio brings his guitar fuzz
to afrobeat, coco, afofofunk and Brazil - Africa mergers.
Music to dance, expand awareness and connect people from all over the world!!

Freddie Long.png

Freddie Long

From a young age, Brighton-born Freddie Long started to develop his distinctive sound and
style; uploading his tracks online quickly garnered a fiery momentum behind the singer-
songwriter. Since releasing his debut EP ‘Blessed Or Cursed,’ he has received accolades
from Wonderland, Notion, tmrw Magazine, Wonderland, Clash and Mahogany.
He has also performed live at The Great Escape, Sundown Festival and BBC Introducing
Live. Freddie isn’t letting isolation get him down either, but has rather shown himself to be
one of the many hard working young artists in the UK, linking up and hosting live streams
from his kitchen with Friends, Fans and media, trying to stay connected with the outside
world and doing everything he can to help spread positivity through these hard times.

Laura Luppino (2).jpg

Laura Luppino

Born in Switzerland, with Croatian and Italian roots, Laura Luppino became known through
appearances with Tim Bendzko in "The Best Show in the World", by Joko and Klaas. She made a
name for herself through songwriting and vocals on tracks by LYAR, Melloton, and Mike La Funk. In
particular, the joint single “I just want to dance”, with the DJ Duo Stereoact, held number 1 on the
charts for several weeks.
Now, Laura has begun her own musical journey, and she is unstoppable! Her iconic sound is driven
by the beat of Berlin, a style you can always find in her melodic voice and expressive songs.
In recent years, this mix has driven her across a wide range of stages, such as the Feel and the Holi
Festival. With her strong, but equally soulful voice, her audiences can't help but become infected by
the groove of her live performances. she manages to bridge the gap between musical genres like
indie, electro, and pop in a way that is reminiscent of Lorde, Aurora, and Sia.

Malu Lomando.jpeg

Malú Lomando

Malú mixes up poetry, self-awareness, nature´s elements in different rhythms and music
styles to tell us a real transformation story she lived after a break up. Bringing up the
interpretive charge of her actress formation, the artist creates a ritualistic atmosphere on
stage transforming what could be only music entertainment in a sensitive show of exposed

Foto Claudio.jpg

Claudio Gallo

Recently back to Berlin after spending a couple of months under COVID-lockdown in
Barcelona, Claudio wakes up every day thankful for reuniting with his guitar. His current
mood relates to spending chilly afternoons playing on his balcony.
Amongst others, Claudio is also part of the Floating Shack Sessions Team and will be giving
you some insights and feelings that are pushing this project.
Abrazos :)

Links coming soon...



A Philippine-born musician that was raised in England, Jalfonze is currently residing in Berlin
to focus on his craft as a songwriter. Inspired by the sound of soul and indie pop, his music
is can often be described as a combination of the two with a hint of blues vocal lines and a
splash of RnB-esque guitar harmony. With a flirtatious stage presence and an avid
performer within the Berlin music scene, he was normally found in late night live music bars
to showcase his original songs, trying different approaches to make sure that each
performance was one to remember. Jalfonze has currently released 3 singles which can be
found on all music streaming sites.

Maju Clutet.jpg

Maju Clutet

Majo Clutet is a singer and songwriter from Rosario (Argentina). From childhood, she was
conected with the music. When she was 15 years old, she studied lyric sing and guitar in
Music School of University. After that, she decided study popular music. She has been part
of different arts project and played in important places of her country. In march 2018, she
won the local singer competition “Te doy una cancion” (“I give you a song”) and play in front
thousands of people. In March of 2020, she posted her EP «El rio va» («The river goes»)
integrated for her songs: bolero, tango and folk. Available in all music platforms. In
December of 2019, she started a project called “Cantando el mundo” (“Singing the World”),
where she travels playing her music in different countries of Asia. It has already been
presented in Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.



Mosaiqs describe their music as a mixture of modern indie and the best that pop has had to
offer in recent decades. There are hardly any rules. The songs are minimalistic and still
playful and exude the charm of the 50s and 60s. The influences range from jazz and funk to
newer acts and thus ensure a wide range of sounds. Sometimes gently, sometimes wildly,
dreamily or overflowing, they process topics from their everyday life in lyrics and songs that
simply make people happy. A colorful dog at large - that´s mosaiqs.

Queen Quail.jpg

Queen Quail

Queen Quail is the dream-pop project of Kirstin Edwards. QQ began after Kirstin came a
across a “Zwergwachtel”, or dwarf quail, at the botanical gardens in Berlin, Germany.
Reverbant guitar riffs and chilling vocals fill the open spaces of her songs with a haunting
beauty – one grown out of deep introspection and a desire to understand.

Tiny Giant.png

Tiny Giant

Tiny Giant is a Hanoi based live music duo featuring the deep vocal musics of LinhHafornow
and the electronic sounds of tomes. Their music combines live beat production and layers of
vocal looping. Through digital manipulation of organic elements, the band blend traditional
tonality with contemporary sonic environments.

Solo Pajaros.jpg

Solo Pájaros

Solo Pájaros is a Berlin
based band with five chilean
musicians. Their music is a
mixture of cumbia, reggae and latinamerican rhythms
with lyrics about poetry, love and
death. Inspired by the birds
flight, they try to reach out
people and encourage them to
find freedom trough creativity.
With over four years of street and
stage experience, they seek to
travel the world and make it a more
joyfull and united place in times
of division and conflicts.

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