Disco Bizarre

Disco Bizarre is a weekly event in the legendary KitKat Club Berlin. From the vaults
of the 4th dimension, the sound of the weekly changing DJs goes straight to the heart
and celebrates Disco music and related funky grooves

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Unsere Artists


Billy Idle

Billy Idle is a resident DJ and promoter of Disco Bizarre, the weekly disco
dancefloor at Berlin's KitKatClub. Its current focus is on 70's disco and 80's
HiNRG... in the past decade Billy had specialized on 80's edits and ran a radio
show on TWENFM.
Billy started routinely producing 80s' edits around 2010... the tracks typically
maintain the sounds of the originals but adopt a more modern dramaturgy,
suitable for beatmatched mixing (which until then was uncommon with music
from the 80s). More instrumental parts, more time for the audience to tune
into the song before the singing starts, if it starts at all. Billy still produces
nearly one edit a day.
This summer 2020 will see Billy performing in parks, beer gardens and live
streams rather than in clubs. Subscribe to his newsletter, or invite him over.
Tempelhof airport may see a lot of spontaneous bluetooth disco workout this
Disco Bizarre has started its own label and was just about to publish Billy's first vinyl
EP when the Corona virus came! But expect it to show up soon on the Disco Bizarre


DJ Himself

Founded 2008 in Vienna the Flying Funk Circus with other funkateers and since then
spreading the funk where possible. Started with friends in 2017 DISCO BIZARRE at
the famous KitKat Club in Berlin, which now takes place every saturday. DJ with a
passion for the right groove for a good move.



Mr.Fonk was born in Nuremberg / Germany in the year of 1979 and soon came in
touch with the music of the 80s: Wave, New Romantic, Italo Disco but also genuine
Radio Pop began to inspire him. His love for music started to strengthen through
House & Techno during the 1990s. This special, subcultural scene was exactly what
he had always been looking for. Regularly visiting clubs like "mach 1" in Nuremberg,
“Ultraschall” in Munich, “U60311” in Frankfurt or “Stammheim” in Kassel that
pleasure grew deeper. By the year of 2000 he made his first steps behind the
Mr.Fonk’s versatile, genre-crossing sound reflects his passion for music. It’s not
about playing hits en masse or about copying the latest musical trends. It’s about
providing a challenging, timeless listening and dancing experience for the audience.
His sets are taking the crowd on a journey, into sound, time and space, featuring
pumping House Music, straight Techno, funky Disco and more likely, everything in

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Von House zu Disco zu Funk, dafür steht Shimanski. Sie hat es sich zur Aufgabe
gemacht den Menschen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zu zaubern und ihre tiefe Liebe zur
Musik mit allen zu teilen.
Also kommt vorbei und lasst euch mitnehmen auf die Reise Richtung Herz.
From house to disco to funk, that's what Shimanski stands for. She has made it her
business to put a smile on people's faces and to share her deep love for music with
So come by and let her take you on a journey to the heart.

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Blitzer & Glitzer 

Die zwei Jungs um Blitzer und Glitzer sind alte Hasen im Business und verstehen es
gekonnt Disco & House zu kombinieren, ob Straight, Gay oder Diverse, beide fühlen
sich überall wohl und zeigen das auch mit ihrem Sound. Steigt ein in den Discotrain
und genießt die Zeit mit Blitzer & Glitzer.
Gemeinsam bestreiten beide das Eventprojekt AG Disko!


David Silver

At an early age, David Silver got to know the pleasure of making people dance. His love for everything
house and techno came with listening to recordings from friends in Italy’s flourishing club scene, and
his passion is reflected in his ever growing record collection. His never-ending digging sessions for
vinyl are a reflection of a broad interest in music. All sections of the record shop are turned upside
down when David visits. And what he takes home is a wide selection of records from the past fifty
years. David Silver’s style ranges from jazz to techno, with funk and disco being combined with classic
sounding house. His style leans on Detroit’s tradition of combining various musical forms with raw
electronic drum machines. The combination of classic sounding house, raw funk and uplifting disco
proved to be a deadly cocktail for Sisyphos’s Wintergarten, where he regularly gets people dancing on
the bar.
Furthermore, his uptempo and energetic sound embraces the timeless sounds of Roland drum
machines and the funky grit of MPC-sampled jazz & disco. Nowadays, he is an in demand DJ across
Europe. Playing a humble selection of clubs and festivals where he brings his weighty records bag
filled with timeless sounds. Besides DJing, he regularly works on creating his own tracks either solo or
as ‘Complementary Opposites’ and has seen releases on Sisyphon, One Step Back Ahead, First
Music and recently a co-production with Luca Olivotto for Endless Music.
Moreover, he heads the vinyl only outlet Autarchy Records and manages the Sisyphon label. This plus
more projects will keep his schedule filled.


Robot Girl 

Robot Girl A.K.A Mirjana Parovic bringt einen Mix aus Italo Disco und Hi-NRG. Ihre
Liebe zu Vinyl entstand wohl dann, als sie Plattenspieler kaufte, um sich gegen den
Lärm des Nachbarn zu wehren. Oder war es doch der Urlaub in Italien, wo sie ihr
letztes Geld für Platten ausgab anstatt für Essen?
Egal, die Zukunft am DJ Pult war Step-by-Step besiegelt, und somit kam es 2019 zu
mehreren Gigs in Clubs und Radiostationen. Der melodiöse und hard-core 80er
Sound ist garantiert.



Gesine Kühne und Jakob Mandler sind "wannadosomething?"
Gesine ist Journalistin, berichtet leidenschaftlich gern über Techno und die Szene,

und das schon fast 20 Jahre, was ihr schließlich den Platz vorm Telekom-Electronic-
Beats-Podcast-Mikro einbrachte. Wissbegierig recherchiert sie ihre Musik, ganz

emotional legt sie diese auf. Melancholisch darf es gern sein, melodisch auch, aber
bitte nicht zu cheesy und vor allem immer mit Beat.
Jakob kam als Fan zum Techno. Viele Stunden verbrachte er in dunklen Clubs, um
das harte, industrielle Wummern zu konsumieren. Doch nur dazu zu tanzen, reichte
dem Studenten schnell nicht mehr aus. Die Momente, die er im Club erlebte, wollte
er auch kreieren, erst für seine Freunde, dann folgten schnell kleine Gigs. Mit einer
unermüdlichen Energie verbessert er täglich seine Technik an den Plattenspielern,
hört außerdem stundenlang Musik, um genauso viel zu wissen, wie die alten Hasen.
Zwei Nerds, die sich gefunden haben. Zwei Nerds, die ihr aktuell zweimal im Monat
in der Berliner Bar "House of Gin" erleben könnt. Denn ihre Musik passt in die Bar
wie der Gin zum Tonic. Deshalb präsentieren euch die Beiden die musikalische
Reihe: Gin Tronic!

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