Awareness Area

If you feel insecure, observe cross-border behavior or are affected by yourself,

screenshot the case and contact us directly.

Our team will support you!



1) Why is Awareness necessary?

Awareness work aims at creating a sense of well-being for all attendees independent of their origin, gender or social status. In case of transgressing personal boundaries, guests are supposed to be empowered to gain back their agency. This is possible in all kinds of events, where a group of people gets together – in real live, i.e. on concerts, festivals or protest marches, and in the digital sphere. To make these places safer spaces, an increasing number of hosts offer an Awareness Team, which is accessible for people affected by discriminatory behavior. Therefore, events, chatrooms and streams become less discriminatory spaces - so called “safer spaces”.

At what point a person feels safe or unsafe, is completely up to the individual itself. Thus, personal and foreign boundaries can be recognized, appreciated and reflected upon. By dealing with transgression of personal boundaries (i.e. sexual harassment, racist commentaries) structures of power and inequalities within a society become visible.



2) How Does Awareness work?

The Awareness Team performs supportive labor of people that have been impacted by discriminatory behavior. The Awareness Team is at the intersection of production, security and communications (like social media). The concept offers an approach to sensitize staff and visitors for a violence-free gathering and enables social participation for all humans.



3) What do we do exactly?

We are always accessable for you and will do everything to provide an open space for you. It is important to consider, that you’re in the first place to decide, which steps we take and what is good for you. We will try to support you with various offers and possibilities on how to act.


If you have the feeling, you want to talk to us about the incident, you are welcome to contact us at


We will be available for you on Saturday from 12pm via chat and video call. The chat  (here) will be checked on a regular basis, so we can get in contact as soon as possible. In case our answer takes a little longer, you can adress these helplines.




(Online Harrassment Support Initiatives all over the world) 
(Emergency Call for persons affected by homo-/transphobic assaults and other violent cross-overs, everyday 6-8pm) 

(Emergency Call for persons affected by sexual assaults and other violent cross-overs, everyday 12am-8pm) 

(Helpline for persons affected by hate speech, Monday 10am-1pm, Thursday 4-7pm) 

(Registration office for digital racist agitation/comments)

App "Report Hate" by Reconquista Internet - only german,sorry :( 
(Registration office for digital racist comments, you can get it in the App Store) 

(HelpDesk with a lot of informations and contacts for persons affected by digital violence) 

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